Finding the Perfect Venue

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There are several things to keep in mind when trying to find the perfect venue:

Find the perfect wedding venue

Find the perfect wedding venue

1) Firstly (and quite importantly) you will need to decide if you want to have the ceremony and reception separately or in one place  – then you can get to choosing a church and/or a venue.

2) You’ll need to decide what type of wedding you are going to have – from lovely breakfast weddings, to vibey sundowner evening type weddings – each type of wedding will be more suited to a particular type of venue. For example, Emily Moon River Lodge is fantastic for sundowners to bring in an evening wedding at this stunning venue.

3) Are you after a country wedding, or a coastal affair? Remember to keep in mind the time of the year that your wedding will be held – a winter wedding on the beach probably isn’t the best idea, however a sunny winter afternoon could be perfectly suited to some country wedding venues.

4) Always remember to ask for all costs when getting a quote from potential wedding venues – are things like decor and food included in the quote, and how much do they charge if you happen to run over the pre-arranged venue hire time?

5) Try to consider the logistics of getting to and from the wedding venue. Not just for you, but also for your guests. If the venue is difficult for people to get to, will you be able to arrange transport? Also consider how guests will get around the venue itself, especially for younger children and the elderly.

6) Many venues tend to get booked up well in advance, so as soon as you have a wedding date in mind – get to booking that venue that you have your eye on!

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